Security guard suspended after manhandling Walter Sisulu University student

 students laid a complaint with the security guard on duty about a student who was making noise while they were in a study lab.

a security guard can be seen trying to persuade the student to leave the study lab.

Within a few seconds another guard approaches and hits the student with a baton. The student then stands up and starts to fight back. He is eventually escorted out of the lab.

The security guard was suspended by his employer and the university has damned his use of force.

“The student posed no direct threat so there was no need to act in that vicious manner. We condemn the act with the contempt it deserves.

We also advise the student to lay a criminal charge against the security guard.

Though it was the student who started it‚ it was not supposed to be handled that way‚” said Yonela Tukwayo‚ the university’s spokesperson.