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gold diamond jewellery ring designs 2017

Keep in mind though, when it comes to the colour of the ring, complementing your skin tone is another consideration. Skin tones can – warm and cool. If your veins appear blue through your skin then you have a cool skin tone.


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wedding ring tattoos designs 2015

One ring you will never lose, and will stay on your finger forever, is a ring tattoo. More people are getting ring tattoos instead of forking over huge amounts of cash for jewelry because they are stylish, totally customizable and will never slip off and get lost. They only way a ring tattoo can go away is if it fades, and even then it’s easy to visit a tattoo parlor for a touch-up. If you are looking to ditch the traditional jewelry route and give yourself a ring tattoo, here are 14 examples to get you started.
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Best Wedding Ring Tattoo Designs 2015 2016

Have you ever lost a ring? You may have misplaced it when you went to bed and can’t find it in the morning. You may have taken it off at the gym and had it stolen. You may have even lost it to the garbage disposal if you’re a truly unlucky soul. Losing a ring can be like losing a huge investment, unless you bought it from a vending machine. Losing a ring can even take a toll on your marriage if you happen to lose an engagement ring or wedding band that is full of symbolism.

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glamorous wedding ring tattoos 2015 2016

Wedding is one of the most important events in the life of a person. It is like a new life where you start your journey with your partner on the foundations of love and commitment. The rituals are an important part of the marriage ceremony and so are the wedding rings that bear the initials of the spouses. Well, these days a new and stylish ritual has made its entry in the wedding ceremonies which is known as wedding ring tattoos. As the name suggests, the wedding ring tattoo is a tattoo in the form of a ring carved on the ring finger as a symbol of love and devotion.
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