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amazing braided mohawk hairstyles 2017

This interesting style has been created by forming a simple ponytail then separating the hair at the base before gathering the pony up and through the opening. The method has been repeated several times and combined with a simple regular plait to form a waterfall of gorgeously styled hair that reaches down from the crown and ends in a loose braid. Look is incredibly attractive isn’t it?

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mohawk hairstyles with shaved sides 2017

You can have them in the Liberty spikes, they are like spikes of a single color, you can also have them in the dyed various colors. You can too have these liberty spikes in the right colors. You can also have these Mohawk hairstyles in a deathhawk” kind of styling, in this kind of styling you will be having small sections of hair that will be left at the side of the head; this style is also named as “bat wings” or “devilocks”.

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trends mohawk pixie cut 2016 2017

for example, fauxhawk short hair, that basically has the similar haircut but seems much more attractive, because no shaving your heads’ sides required. You merely make your sides sleek, or you can braid the sides, raised up in an updo. Anyway, if you are a lover of the typical mohawk pixie cuts, we’re guaranteed you know how to present it in the best light. With this gallery we wish to show you how functional mohawks and fauxhawks can be. You may create a lot of styles, each one of which will be completely outstanding.

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