Best nail Art lovely nail Art 2019

The first thing that should be considered is to clean your nails before applying new nail polish. Women like to polish their nails with new and eye catching colors and they want long lasting results. But due to the leftovers of nail polish on the nails the new polish does not last for a long time and starts chipping. It is necessary to clean your nails properly before applying new polish cotes.

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Lovely African Dresses Styles 2017 / 18

African dresses, the name sounds mysterious, right? But trust us, it is something that you have worn and never known that it is called African.African design is nothing but the pleats on your dress. They are added to enhance your dress better and make it look much beyond just a dress. It gives your dress a bouncier and more attractive look. Let’s take a look at some of these creatively designed African dress designs.. The design is very different from what we wear but it is only added to make it look better and this one is definitely doing justice

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top lovely nail art 2017‬‏

top lovely nail art 2017‬‏ woman is helpless until her nail polish on nails isn’t dry’, said Burt Reynolds. Ladies pay a lot of attention to their nails and this is normal because the real lady looks cared, and hands and hair are what first catches the eye. Although New Year past and all the glamour that goes with it slowly is at the end, that’s not reason that you stop shining every day. Your nails, and you!

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