Nigeria Ankara And Lace Latest Style 2018

Nigeria Ankara And Lace your outlook in a unique way and make eyes pop around you. These styles will keep existing in 2017, 2018

a clash of styles and ladies need to flaunt their endless new styles any where they deem fit. But have you thought of adding some lace material to the Ankara fabric? It has proven to be quite interesting and fun too! Ankara and lace styles


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Nigerian Lace Styles & Design 2017/ 2018

lace material, and its ability to maintain its default color and texture for a very long time, unlike what obtains with other popular materials like ankara and guinea.More importantly, lace styles tend to confer elegance and class on their wearers, and they send positive signals about your fashion sense. Look at the most respected Nigerian women in all walks of life, and you’d see that they rock lace styles very frequently

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Lace Cocktail Dress Designs 2017 2018

Bold and dramatic, a lace bodycon dress will ensure all eyes are on you when you enter a room. Suitable for ladies with an hour glass figure, if you have body flaws like an unflattering tummy wear spandex to create a smooth flowdesigns tend to feature light fabrics which makes them ideal for summer or when going to a sunny vacation. To show curves, go for a design that hangs closer to your body. Short ladies should wear maxi dresses that reach at the ankle.

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