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Creative Spilled Flower Pots


For this project you will need a pot – it can be an old cracked pot, a water can, or even a bucket – and some potting soil. Prepare the chosen location by loosening the soil around the future spill pot.


Bury your pot into the ground for about a half or less. Plant your flowers inside the pot and around it to create a spilled effect. Water your flowers regularly and maintain the spill pot by fertilizing them once in a while.


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flower nail designs for spring trends 2017

You’ve probably noticed that all day today we’ve been on a Spring buzz. We’re just so excited it has finally arrived, Yay! This is my favourite time of year as it marks the return of pastels and florals and playful brights. It also marks a change in beauty regime, time to get rid of my chipped burgundy nails and bring in something bright and new. So I’ve rounded up

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