Top Traditional Attire In Nigeria 2017

Africa attire in Nigeria,  is a Yoruba phase meaning “uniformed solidarity dress”. It is famous clothing in Nigeria which has an obvious origin in the African styles for women and men culture. It is one of the cultural traditions that has forced it’s ways into the corporate and enlightened in love with their traditional attire.traditional African attire my whole life. Got teased and treated like shit for it. So I cried when I wore anything made and shipped from a relative in Nigeria.

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Amazing Collection Of Traditional Attire In 2017

traditional dresses to show our originality, dignity, and love towards our ancient traditional culture.With the change of time, the taste of fashion has been changed dramatically, new designs and style have come, with this huge change few traditional attire changes their own old style and adopted a new look. Clothes who changed and cover up a new fresh look and has high demand now. most popular Indian traditional dresses that are on-trend, with the change of time new and fresh designs comes in play, there are thousand of a variety of designs, color, styles, and fabrics.

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South African Xhosa And Zulu Attire 2019

zulu traditional attire style for women in africa come and xhosa styles new. Traditional attire of the Zulu people is very diverse for both men and women. The garb worn by these people of South Africa is influenced by such factors as religion, age, region, and the occasion the person is wearing clothes.traditional African women’s clothing are elegant. The women of the Zulu tribe wear clothes based on their marital status.

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cameroonian traditional wedding attire 2017

Kabba you may ask? Kabba is a one piece flowing dress sometimes similar to what the Western fashion will call maxi dress worn by women. Cameroonian ladies bring it to various tailors to be seam from neck/shoulders area to legs or either lower or higher. Mostly worn at all times during the day or at night, and during events or choir practice. Prefect for free flow,

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