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Thandeka Zulu buys herself a brand new Mercedes Benz


Thandeka Zulu’s hardwork has definitely paid her off as she finally buys herself a new set of wheels.

The star has decided to spoil herself as she shared a whole photoshoot of herself and her brand new grey Mercedes Benz and she looks like the car was made for her



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Most expensive cars and their celebrities owners in South Africa

A normal individual loves to utilize quite possibly the most costly car, however a couple have their fantasies accomplished ultimately. Most time, the individuals who make up this class of individuals are celebrities. Similarly as we have in different areas of the planet, there are a few South African celebrities going from entertainers to artists, and media characters that have been related to their preference for extravagances. This is on the grounds that a large number of them consider this to be a method of building up their societal position

Checking through the most costly vehicles around and their superstar proprietors in South Africa, this rundown presents a knowledge into the existences of a couple of celebrities who carry on with an extravagant way of life. Interestingly, female celebrities have gotten the position together with their male partners, which was uncommon previously.







Which VIP drives the most costly vehicle in South Africa?

1. Jimmy Tau (Rolls-Royce Phantom)

Jimmy Tau doesn’t have the most costly vehicle on the planet, however presumably, he is a power to deal with among South African celebrities with an ideal preference for costly vehicles. The fruitful soccer player presumably has the most costly vehicles among other top soccer players. He was a previous protector for Kaizer Chief.

Jimmy has a Porsche that expenses around R1.5 million, however that is the jawbreaker. His Rolls-Royce Phantom is worth between R4.5 million and R5 million, and it is his most recent shot in the showcase of affection for intriguing vehicles.

2. Amanda Du Pont (McLaren 570S)

The famous entertainer has such a lot of going on well in her life. The proof is sure about web-based media. She made it open that the McLaren 570s is a vehicle she has for a long time truly needed in her assortment. She accomplished this vision on her 30th birthday celebration as she gifted herself one of the most costly vehicles on the planet.

Her adoration for vehicles is a loosely held bit of information as she has plans to expand her number of vehicles. The McLaren 570s costs a huge amount of R3,950,000, and it stays quite possibly the most costly vehicles in Rand

3. Cassper Nyovest (Bentley)

Cassper is one of the South African celebrities with an incredible assortment of vehicles. With his two superclass Bentley and Mercedez Benz, he is a vehicle oddity to beat.

He is that well known craftsman who has various hit tracks however famous for the tune “Mother I made it”. The well known artist has the Bentley Continental GT in his vehicle assortment. The vehicle is worth R3.3 million rands.

4. Bonang Matheba (Mercedes Benz G cart)

Many South Africans know Bonang as the woman with super tendency to beneficial things that brighten up life. Sovereign B is her well known name. She has not secret her affection for delightful things as she has an astounding home.

She additionally has the Mercedes Benz G cart which is sold at R3.2 million. The woman is going through her cash to have things that satisfy her.

5. Nomzano Mbatha (Audi R8 V10)

Behold the admirer of Audi vehicles. Nomzano, a well known entertainer and a media character, has an incredible love for vehicles. It takes a genuine vehicle oddity to spend around R1 million to purchase a vehicle. Indeed, she did. That is the cost of her Audi SQ5.

Do you believe that is the most costly vehicle in her carport? No, the Audi R8 V10 whose cost is R3.2 million is there as well. It is one of the most costly vehicles in South Africa.

It’s been 4 months since Shona Ferguson passed away and his daughter has shared a heartfelt message

It’s always sad to see someone lose their loved one and it’s tormenting to go through the whole process of grieving. However, it’s something that a person will slowly walk through in hope that they continue to keep the legacy of the deceased. When South African lost its veteran actor and media mogul Shona Ferguson, that touched a lot of people’s hearts. As he was regarded as the best at what he did on and off the screens. Shona died on the 30th of July due to Covid-19 complications and he left behind his wife Connie and their two daughters. This is something that they were never prepared for in their lives as they enjoyed beautiful memories as a family and had each other backs at all times.




Now, it has marked four months since Sho died and one of his daughters Lesedi Matsunyane has taken to social media to express her feelings towards her father. Lesedi penned down a heartfelt message to her hero after she received the Editor’s Special Tribute award at GQ MOTY 2021 awards on behalf of her late father. She had to go to the event since her mother Connie Ferguson wasn’t available. “The more time that passes, the more I feel like I left too many things unsaid. The more I question whether I showed my love for you enough, and regret the hugs I didn’t give or take. I also question if I made you proud then and I’m making you proud now. I’m trying. Don’t know if I’m succeeding,” wrote Lesedi on her official Instagram account.

Also, Lesedi touched on the fact that it was her parents’ 20th anniversary, unfortunately, Sho isn’t there to celebrate it. However, she stated that he hopes that her father will comfort his wife as she’s missing him every day. Sho’s passing has been painful to their family, friends and everyone who knew the talented producer.

UthandoNesthembu MaKhumalo Called Disrespectful For The Way She Was Seated

By now, people should know that uThando Nes’thembu is one of the biggest reality shows in the country and this also means that we have hundreds of thousands of people reacting to some of the things that happened on each of the episodes.

It was different this time around, in fact, MaKhumalo “disappointed” some viewers and this goes to show that, what you might consider as a minor issue could very well be turned into a big deal by someone else watching the very same episode.





So, this is about how MaKhumalo was seated when she was with the family, usually, one would expect people to pay more attention on what is being said during the discussions. But, there were some people who were bothered that MaKhumalo did not do things as they should be done.

People have different beliefs, that goes without saying, we know that in some cultures, a lot of the things that are regarded as normal are not done, if they are, then it is usually in a very unusual manner.

A simple thing like not taking your hat off before you eat as man, will most likely lead to a lecture, in today’s world, this does not apply, at least to the younger generation. You would not see them doing all these things even though they were once told that it is culture, in this instance, according to some people, MaKhumalo, as woman, was not supposed to sit with her legs crossed.

Apparently, that is disrespectful, especially if there are elders around, but if we really take time to understand this, we will realise that, the way you sit has nothing to do with the kind of person you are.

But, even though people intend to be logical when it comes to some topics, it is important to keep in mind that, you should never question other people’s beliefs. If people have decided that it is disrespectful to cross your legs in their house, then it is, there is nothing you can do about that.

However, this also does not mean that you should not have an opinion about some of these beliefs, this MaKhumalo’s issue is an example.

People can sit anyhow they want, if MaKhumalo feels more comfortable crossing her legs, then she should do just that, but she obviously cannot do that if her family believes that crossing her legs while they are in a meeting with elders is disrespectful.

Mzansi’s media personality will never be a guest on MacG’s podcast

A lot has happened on MacG’s Podacst and Chill in the past weeks. Shocking information was revealed and now many do not want to be or wish to be part of the podcast.




Cassper Nyovest is a South African media personality who is currently doing well for himself. With the real name Refilwe Phoolo, he is popular known for not getting along with musician, AKA and having replaced him on the BraaiShow that airs on SABC. Nyovest is one of the successful media personalities in Mzansi and started his journey into the entertainment industry after calling it quits with school. Cassper does not want to be a guest on Mac G’s Podcast and Chill.

He took to social media responding to a question of whether viewers will see him as a guest on the podcast or not and stated that they will never.

@DzuniBaloyi asked Cassper on Twitter and said, “Are we likely to see you in the podacst and chill with Mac G? ”

@casspernyovest replied and said “Never” and again said “Let me paraphrase it ANEVA”.

This comes after the mentioned podcast has been trending all over social media after shocking information was revealed and comments were made about an actor said to have left Generations The Legacy which led to the MacG’s podcast loosing a sponsor. information was revealed by Moja Love’s suspended presenter being Jub Jub whereby he talked about his relationship with Skeemsaam’s actress including the intimacy side of their then relationship.

Cassper Nyovest is not wrong in not wanting to be part of the show as a lot of things that are not supposed to be talked about publicly are now being revealed on the show ruining the images of certain people.

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