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Gugu has conditions for her relationship with Vhutshilo

Gugu has made up her mind about the right guy that she wants to fall in love with after realizing that her relationship with Azwindini won’t work out, because of the polygamy that the chief is involved onto we’re Susan will remain the number 1 wife for Azwindini for the rest of her life.

But how will Azwindini handle this after hearing that Gugu choose his son over him which might end up in tears in the Royal house, because Vutshilo has accepted the conditions that Gugu has come up with because she has started to see that there is sfuture with this young man?





Susan will have to deal with this issue because her son isinn serious love with the old woman.

But some people can say she has escaped the nightmare of her life that she is not ready to deal with now because they have just reconciled with Azwindini and there is peace in the Royal house.

Thembi Seete caused frenzy with her recent post looking absolutely gorgeous.

Thembi Seete is regarded as South African actress, television presenter and singer. She is vibrant and active and smart woman who is hardworking and dedicated to her work and her family. She is a proud mother of one son and she is kind and generous person. She is best known for her role on Gomora telenovela drama series on Mzansi Magic weekdays as Gladys Dlamini.

She has built a name for herself in the entertainment industry through her good acting skills. She is one of the best actors in the country and she is bold and beautiful.





She is full of energy, courage and confidence and self-esteem. She began her career in the 90’s when she was a member of the musical group Boom Shaka . She went solo after the group split she since then she has been in the public eye. On her recent post on social media account she caused frenzy with her recent post looking absolutely gorgeous. Please comment, like, click and kindly share your thoughts.

Fall from Grace Nosipho From uZalo [Opinion]

Nosipho’s character from uZalo is a perfect description of fall from grace.Nothing seems to be going in her way everything is coming to an end, and theres stagnation on all the corners of her life.Ever since her mother left her she has been a victim of many situations, and for the first time she was alone and lonely.She has experienced all the glitz and glam of life ,and now she is experiencing being down with nothing and no one.






It is ironic how she has never thought of her family even when she was with her mother, it has never been part of discussion.However they say there’s no place like home, even if you have been gone for years your blood family will always be there for you.Which might be the reason why Nosipho thought of going back to her father’s home.By the look of things she has never visited or even contacted them when she had everything going well for her.

Nosipho’s character is showing how most people tend to forget about their families, and not make them part of their glamours lives and when things aren’t going their way,then they remember that family is important.Knowing fully well that they might not be forgiven, but they can not be chased away or get unforgiven because blood is blood.However will Nosipho be able to keep up with her fame life?If tables could turn around will she remember her family that has welcomed her?Does this mean she has learned her lesson?See the link below:

Photo Credit: Twitter

Should people who act like Nosipho be forgiven or should they be reminded of what they have done?Will Nosipho make her family part of her daily life or not?She managed to receive forgiveness from her family but how long will she acknowledge her family?

Recently beautiful pictures of Phindile Gwala managed to left uMzansi speechless

Phindile Gwala is a South African actress and entrepreneur who was best known on Muvhango drama series as character of Nonny Nkosi the girl with full of drama. The actress is famous with her amazing body that makes her one of the most beautiful Mzansi actress.

Phindile was born in Kwa Zulu Natal province in a place called Eshowe. In 2021 she’s 35 years old and she looks like she’s still in her 20’s, Phindile was born on 1986 of December. She’s married with Armando Ngandu and have only one child known as Thato Gwala. She boom into fame after She played her debut role in the SABC2 soapie since 2012, but she announced her resignation five years later. She wanted to take her career path in business management by airing her show, Phindile explained to the fresh breakfast team on Metro FM.

Take a look at her recently stunning pictures that left uMzansi speechless.

Bishop Makamu Left Mzansi In Tears As He Melts Their Heart With Gorgeous Pictures Of His Wife

Minister Makamu left mzansi with ponders after he took it to online media to flaunt his delightful spouse as they commend their wonderful day. Mzansi really wanted to spout over this couple as they look very cossy. Cleric Makamu is an African entertainer, have, network show character, inspirational orator, financial specialist, and media face of Katlehong. He was made renowned by his lively voice on the TV program Rea Tsotella.






Today Bishop Makamu and his significant other are commending their 16 years of marriage being together of in disorder and in wellbeing and for standing together during challenges. Diocesan Makamu has been serving us with their delightful pictures in web-based media telling everybody that today it’s their commemoration. Priest doesn’t conceal his adoration to his significant other. The two appears to be content and appreciating each other’s conversation. You can deciding from the photos that he is infatuated with his significant other.

With Caption: 16 years of love & patience, Love wins

He also left us a verse:

Deuteronomy 31:6; “6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The presenter and motivational speaker Bishop Makamu has been married to his beautiful wife popular known as Hlonifile Makamu for 16 years. Bishop Makamu and his wife have been married since 2005 and as of 2021 they are celebrating 16 years of grace. Tthey have been happily married as you can also see that their love is growing stronger and atrong each day and they have been blessed with three children.

This is a totally wonderful Family that ask together to stays together. Makamu met his in 2003 when she was just 19 years old. She was an understudy of aAnn Latsky Nursing College, Johannesburg. Hlonifile is a clinical guardian. One thing about Makamu is that he generally have time with his family regardless of how bustling he is for that God favor him godly man.

The lowest viewers on MacG’s podcast was when Tbo Touch a guest

Tbo Touch is a South African Dj, presenter and a businessman. He is know for his unique style in the entertainment industry. Tbo Touh is one of the best celebrities in South Africa who always aims to motivate his fans on various businesses.


Tbo Touch was once a guest to MacG’s podcast and the viewers were the lowest. Not that he does not have fans, many South Africans prefer to watch podcasts freshly from Youtube not on television. Tbo Touch had the viewers of 6 890.

The other reason of having the lowest viewers on MacG’s podcast is that, Tbo Touch is a very private person and he does not have scandals where people would like to know. He is always on the positive side of the media about what he does which is very good for his reputation in the public.