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Mnakwethu: MaMchunu’s attitude with Qondanisa shows the side effect of polygamy for women

Mnakwethu Happily Ever After has been a wild ride for me. They claim “happily” in the title but there’s none to be found in any of the kraals. You can only find ambivalence, sadness and indifference.
The wives are all either gone or checked out and there’s only two culprits. Their husbands and polygamy.

MaMchunu has been one of my favourite wives in the show, specifically because she stands her ground at all times. I thought at first that she was just an independent woman standing her ground and being a “baddie” but there is more to it. She hasn’t really had any smiles or happiness when dealing with her husband and I can understand why.

Qondanisa introduced Samantha to their marriage in 2020 and if that was not bad enough, he was found to be posting yet another woman in 2021. In her bold talk with the cameras, MaMchunu made it clear that any private financial ventures she has are no longer under her name. She claimed she was not working for a man and would never allow her assets to be taken.





This isn’t the talk of a woman who believes she will be married to the same man forever nor of a woman in love. It didnt help that as he bravely tried to coax a smile out of her and she deadpanned a response that wiped the smile of his face.

This is what happens in polygamy. I may not ever subject myself to it but there is clear correlation between happy marriage declining when polygamy is introduced. We’ve witnessed Musa Mseleku’s first wife, MaCele and how she is on the show. She always seems checked out emotionally and uninvolved.

Personal Thoughts
It makes sense then that MaMchunu would be acting this way. The lack of trust between her and Qondanisa is showing in the cracks of their marriage. He bent down on his knees and it did t change her mind. This is what happens to women in polygamy.

They are unhappy and eventually they start to not care anymore. Is that what men want? To be married to women who don’t love them anymore? I’m starting to suspect that it doesn’t matter to them. That it’s all just about having a human menagerie comprised of sullen women..

Gorgeous Pictures Of The Beautiful Cindy Mahlangu

Gorgeous Pictures Of The Beautiful Cindy Mahlangu
Have you ever heard of a South African celebrity called Cindy Mahlangu? Cindy is one of the beautiful young South African celebrities who are doing exceptionally well in the acting industry.










Who is Cindy Mahlangu?

“Cindy Mahlangu was born on 21 November 1996, in Standerton, Mpumalanga, South Africa. She rose to fame in 2018, she landed the role of Dumazile in Mzansi Magic supernatural drama series The Herd.”










The Mseleku wives threaten to leave after Mseleku pronounces that he wanna take wife number 5

At this point, MaNgwabe picked, back to settle any misdirection concerning the issue of buddy number 5, and it appears as though Mseleku is also not generally amped up for obliging things to work. Everything got muddled in the last episode of the period, it’s hard to tell expecting Mseleku will get what he needs.





Two of his mates clarified that if at whatever point he chooses to acquire another companion, they are leaving the marriage and as you would have estimated, this is MaNgwabe and MaYeni.

These two partners have dependably assessed Mseleku concerning issues which sway the family taking everything into account. Concerning MaKhumalo and MaCele, they are obviously uncertain what they need to do yet, yet rather there may be an unforeseen result.

It appears as though Mseleku was not ready to allow his soul mates to have a say with respect to companion number 5, he was presumably accepting that they would finally allow him to do as satisfies. Notwithstanding, things won’t be that fundamental for him, he as of late alluded to that to leave, then, at that point, they can do precisely that.

Also this raised a ton of eyebrows, it has been fundamental for MaNgwabe, MaYeni and Mseleku to discuss leaving their marriage. This ought to be a worry, one may guess that the worship is no longer there and that is shocking in light of the fact that nobody ought to stay in a cold marriage.

There is responsibility, yet there can never be improvement without asserted love, it might seem like everybody in the marriage is, somehow or another, wore out on reliably trying to make things work.

It is debilitating as we can tell, yet there are choices, Mseleku can choose to deal with his marriage and excusal the dear or let MaNgwabe and MaYeni leave and end another soul mate. Also he appears, apparently, to make certain regarding what choice he is going for, we clearly won’t be seeing MaNgwabe and MaYeni in the going with season of the show considering the way that Mseleku needs another buddy.

Both MaNgwabe and MaYeni emit an impression of being absolutely not kidding concerning leaving, yet if whenever MaYeni chooses to remain, for reasons unknown, MaNgwabe alluded to that buddy number 5 will genuinely be life partner number 4 since she will at this point don’t be in the image.

Once more, Mseleku doesn’t have every one of the reserves of being annoyed by this, so he probably won’t attempt to stop MaNgwabe, and assuming things end between them, ideally, the youngsters won’t understanding in any capacity.

Individuals have dependably known, some way or another that MaNgwabe has had enough of the marriage and necessities out, they saw the signs, there are individuals who imagine that MaNgwabe will blame the subject of buddy number 5 to leave the marriage.

Mseleku’s Are Back With a New Show For Both Mzansi Men And Women

Igumbi Lamakhosikazi, a new chat program on SABC1, will provide women and men diverse viewpoints on relationship challenges. The female-led performance airs at 9 p.m.

Igumbi Lamakhosikazi is a 13-part reality discussion program that aims to provide Mzansi women and men a safe haven. It’s a female-driven talk program that aims to educate, enlighten, and have uninhibited discussions on topics endemic in South Africa.

The show will be presented by Musa Mseleku’s four wives, MaCele, MaYeni, MaKhumalo, and MaNgwabe. Everyone on the show gives a unique viewpoint to aid those who lack the guts to speak up.

Each episode will begin with a subject introduction. The four hosts will discuss the topic, what it means to them, and how they approach it.


Polygamy, in-laws, intimacy, sex in marriage, money, gender-based abuse, and parenthood will all be discussed.

Igumbi will reach and connect with the audience because it will really portray our society. Inspire social action and conversation through straight-talking honesty.

The Mselekus are famous for Uthando Nesthembu. The program has had fans on the edge of their seats. MaNgwabe recently stated that she would only stay married if Musa would not take another wife.

Musa has said he would marry again, and MaNgwabe has said she will go, therefore there is concern that he will welcome a fourth wife. That implies MaNgwabe will come home. If that happens, Mseleku will have four wives again.

Musa recently informed the Daily Sun that he will put his mission on hold until his wives return.

“My two wives, MaNgwabe and MaYeni Mseleku, threatened to leave me. Insistence on it would have ruined my family, I realized. I don’t want to lose Mbali or Muntuza. Instead, I want to create the Mseleku family.

Sad| Former SABC presenter has lost a loved one

2022 has started on a bad note for some celebrities as they have been hit by death loosing family members.

Merica Monamodi is a South African media personality known for being an actress. She is popular known for having grown her career in the industry through a role of being a presenter. Merica was a presenter on YoTV and was with the show for more than five years whereby she was doing live presenting. Merica Monamodi is the latest to having lost a loved one. She recently lost her brother and is currently mourning for his death.





Speaking about his brother’s passing, Merica took to social media and said “I can’t believe my brother is no more. I really lost my brother guys. I’m in so much pain”.

In another post, she thanked her brother and said “Thank you big bro.I love you so much Till we meet again”.

It is so sad to see Mzansi celebrities continuing to loose their loved ones. Nonhle Thema is also another who recently lost her father who was also in the entertainment industry. No one deserves to lay their loved ones to rest especially since it is still the beginning of a new year.

Loosing a brother is more like loosing a father as a brother is not just a brother but also a protector who is always there for one but what can we say, there is a time for everything including death that comes like a thief stealing family members and loved ones. When it is time for death, it’s time for death.

Condolences to Meric, her family and all those who were closed to her brother. May they find the strength to deal with the passing of her brother.

Lindiwe Went Behind Her Fiance’s Back With Mdala

The couple got hitched regardless of everybody guidance against it and were cheerful yet not for long as Nhlamulo’s adversary for escaping Mdala in prison. At first it was Vuvu, Nhlamulo’s child mom making life uncomfortable for Lindiwe and the children were not making it any simple as well. As of late, Lindiwe went behind her better half’s back with Mdala.




Mdala has demonstrated that nothing can remain between his arrangements to annihilate Nhlamulo and he will take the necessary steps to ensure that, regardless of whether it implies laying down with Lindiwe. Presently the Maseko marriage is on hot rocks, on a breaking edge. Nhlamulo has an unpleasant reality of his significant other laying down with his adversary.




Nhlamulo appears to have control issues, perhaps assuming that he can quiet down a little, he can think carefully and battle astutely since, in such a case that he keep on carrying on of control, he may lose his beautiful spouse whom he has been battling for the entire time.

In final evening episode, Lindiwe showed up at home during the evening, since she understood that she was off-base for betraying her significant other and venturing out from home. She needed to address and figure out things with her significant other, Nhlamulo who resented her. Would they be able to fix their marriage? Or on the other hand it will be history rehashing the same thing and end very much like that of Lindiwe’s folks?

Perhaps assuming that Lindiwe paid attention to her friends and family including her better half with regards to Mdala, their marriage would be great. In any case, at whatever point cash is involved, Lindiwe runs into like a simpleton. She never learns even after the Accreditations