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Scandinavian Girl’s Nursery Design With Touches Of Mint

The attic ceiling didn’t become a problem, the floor was divided into two parts according to the ceiling and one of them became a sleeping zone, and the second a playing area.

The furniture is simple and traditional: a white cot, chest, dresser and wardrobe, all of them can be changed according to the child’s age and needs. Above the crib you’ll see mint raindrops but these aren’t wallpapers, these are removable stickers that can be changed for other ones.

The toys are also Scandi-inspired, simple and mostly white, and you can see the iconic Miffy lamp, which doubles as a toy. There are numerous handmade decorations like garlands, pillows or fabric sacks for toys that were made by the mom of the little girl.






Cool Kids’ Bedroom Theme Ideas

Girls’ Rooms

Girls’ rooms are often done using themes and colors we are goign to discuss but of course, it’s not obligatory and your girl can choose anything she likes – we’ll just take a look at the most traditional ideas. So, you can often see girls’ rooms done using princess, ballerina, princess castle, Paris and Disney themes. This isn’t all: your little girl can choose any cartoon or character to become a theme for her room, for example, Elsa from Frozen. As I’ve just said, the traditional colors are pink, lilac and pastels of any kinds including pastel blues. If you don’t want to look for a very original bed or make a large wall art, you can always pull off the theme with accessories and textiles.

Contemporary Teen Bedroom Design Ideas

Designing a contemporary teen bedroom is all about making the place cool, hype and practical. The kid should be proud of his or her room because it isn’t only the place where he or she sleeps and studies but is also a casual place for meeting with friends. We choose some contemporary teen bedroom examples for you, and these kids bedroom designs definitely could make any kid or teen happy. You can get some ideas of what this room should have inside, what furniture to use and how to make it cool.

Choose A Color Scheme

As you’ve chosen contemporary style, it’s usually rather laconic and not very colorful, though you can rock moody or bright shades, too. Decide whether you’ll show that it’s a boy’s or girl’s room with colors – you can rock pink and red for girls or navy and grey for boys but the trend is mostly gender neutral rooms that don’t show any of these colors. The most popular idea is rocking a monochromatic palette, all neutrals or maybe neutrals with pastels or going for something outstanding for this style – moody or bright colors, as I said below.

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Teen Bedroom Ideas That Are Fun and Cool

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If you’re searching for teen bedroom ideas, think about what your teenager loves and see their bedroom through their perspective. It’s more than a place to sleep, the bedroom is where your teen escapes from the world of grown-up demands and rules.

There are few places where a teen can express themselves and the bedroom is their top choice. Their favorite things may be diverse and unusual, but with some planning, all of their passions can tie together beautifully.

When brainstorming teen bedroom ideas, the most important thing to remember is that their bedroom is an expression of who they are.

Today’s teenagers are design-conscious and up to date on the latest trends. But they’re torn between childhood and adulthood. Most teens have beloved toys they’re not ready to give up, but look for a room that’s older and more sophisticated than their childhood room.

A teen will most appreciate an approach to their room as their mini, self-contained apartment where they can spend most of their time comfortably. Regardless of size, a teen’s bedroom needs to be versatile enough for them to spread out and get homework done, hang with friends, lounge and sleep, all while reflecting their personality.

Teen bedroom ideas should include functions specific to their age, as well as look great. While adults prefer a space that’s calm and understated, teens appreciate vibrant, high energy rooms. Keep the following teen bedroom ideas in mind.

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Here on Freshome you’ve seen a lot of themed bedrooms for kids. It is true, fairy tales, castles and princesses provide a wide range of ideas for bedrooms, but today, we would like to show you something new: hearts. You’ve seen them drawn on every teenager’s diary, piece of paper or bumper sticker. And it’s a known fact: young ladies love hearts. Which is why these six bedrooms below all feature heart themed furniture. The colors are also typical for teen girls (pink, light green, yellow, red, baby blue). Chairs, pillows, bed covers, nothing escaped the mighty heart-shaped plan.Some of these interiors are a bit too crowded for our tastes, but then again, it is not us who the manufacturers target.