Congratulatory Messages pour in for Arthur Mafokate on another Milestone

Arthur Mafokate is viewed as a Kwaito legend. This is the previous performer and record name proprietor of one of the greatest Kwaito record marks of days of old 999 Records that spearheaded the extraordinarily South African sound.

In any case, as of late, the recording craftsman turned money manager has confronted some unsavouriness after he was blamed for defilement through his non-benefit association (NPO). As detailed at that point.


In any case, apparently, Mafokate is a feline with nine lives with regard to his different arrangements on NPO sheets following his new declaration. Arthur Mafokate sacks another NPO director position

It appears to be that the way that Mafokate has rubbished claims of his association in the R56.3 NLC defilement embarrassment is sufficient to earn him back to grab one more arrangement.

In particular, this comes as he took to online entertainment to celebrate being named the Administrator of the Social and Imaginative Businesses League of South Africa (CCIFSA0)