Gogo Skhotheni and Husband are Not Wearing Marriage Rings

In a surprising turn of events, Gogo Skhotheni’s husband Monde Shange is considering taking a second wife. This decision has left many people wondering about the dynamics of their relationship. In this article, we delve into the details surrounding their marriage, including the absence of their wedding rings on their fingers.

Contrary to popular belief, Gogo Skhotheni’s husband Monde Shange denies being under the influence of a love potion. When they first met during the lockdown, their connection was strong, and they dreamt of building a prosperous future for their children. Their relationship seemed built on love and shared aspirations, making the concept of a love potion irrelevant.

The Missing Wedding Rings and weight loss:

Many have questioned the absence of wedding rings on both Gogo Skhotheni’s and her husband’s fingers. Gogo Skhotheni reveals that her weight loss journey has affected her ability to wear her rings consistently. Engaging in household chores causes the ring to slip off, this could lead to loss. As a result, they are considering getting a new ring that fits her transformed finger size in the future.




To further complicate matters, the couple faced an additional hurdle when another ring turned out to be too small. To resolve this issue, they had to return the ring to the jeweler for a redesign. Such challenges can be frustrating.

Gogo Skhotheni’s weight loss journey has caused her to refrain from wearing her ring for the past year. Her husband, Monde, has also decided not to wear his ring, waiting for Gogo to put back her ring.

Gogo Skhotheni and her husband’s journey is a testament to the complexities of marriage and the challenges faced along the way. Despite the absence of wedding rings and the contemplation of polygamy, their love and commitment remain strong. As they navigate through these obstacles, they serve as a reminder that relationships require continuous effort and understanding. In the end, it is the bond they share that will guide them in their pursuit of a prosperous future and a lasting legacy for their children.