Dr Nandi Not Going Down Without A Fight, See more

On Monday, the Bloemfontein High Court found that Dr Nandi Magudumana’s application had no merit, hence he dismissed it with costs. He also said if she was not happy with how she was deported, she could have contested that while in Tanzania.

Legal analyst, Ismail Abramjee said following this development, the lawyer representing Dr Nandi Magudumana has informed him that she intends to appeal this ruling. He said the legal team of Dr Nandi Magudumana is already planning to take this matter to the Supreme Court of Appeal.



“Dr Nandipha Magudumana’s attorney, Mr Machini Motloung has just informed me that they will be appealing the dismissal of Magudumana’s application to set aside her arrest directly to the Supreme Court of Appeal. They are already in the process of drafting the papers,” said Abramjee.

Social critics have expressed mixed reactions to this development of Dr Nandi Magudumana’s case. Some believe she might have a winnable case if her legal team thoroughly put strong arguments backed with facts. To some, they said this will be another waste of money and time.

They want Dr Nandi to wait for the law to take its course and not try to find ways to break herself out. Some of her co-accused were denied bail recently.

“As a laywoman, I believe the judge was correct in his findings. Her case should be against the Tanzanian government, they took her into custody. I really cannot see her winning her case in the Supreme court. What a wasteful expenditure.”

“Tell them to draft a winnable case this time around because they are lazy to draft a proper affidavit, hence this one was dismissed. They must also get an affidavit from the lawyer in Tanzania and make sure their case is solid this time around,” others suggested.