Big Zulu Opens Up About Jealousy, Contracts & The Industry

Big Zulu opened up about the importance of reading contracts before signing one. The KwaZulu-Natal born rapper is the owner of INkabi Records which has signed a few rising talents in the music industry.



The Ivolovolo rapper gave a clear perspective of how he runs his label, a number of artists such as Intaba Yase Dubai, Fifi Cooper have raised concerns about the contracts signed at their record label. Many artist sign a 360 deal which leave them a slave to their label. Big Zulu warns up and coming artists to seek out help before signing on the dotted lines.

According to Big Zulu he flies out his new artists by taking them to hotels and big stages, he explains that he does all this to expose them to the life the celebrities live. He said many fall victim to the glitz and glam, he added that artists forget to take care of their families whilst they chase the fast life.

Big Zulu stated he doesn’t blame recording labels but blames artists who are quick to sign before thoroughly reading what’s in the contracts.