Generations: Mrekza Makes Nkosiyabo Change His Mind

Nkosiyabo was happy in the morning and Mrekza asked him why he was happy. He told Mrekza that Khanyisile and MaKhumalo will soon go back to KZN. Mrekza asked him why he was happy because he will not be ble to bond with his baby. Nkosiyabo told Mrekza that he wanted peace in his house. Mrekza told him that he wishes him all the best in raising a baby boy while he does not live with him.


Mrekza told him that he is strong for bring able to live in a house full of women who have drama. Nkosiyabo did not know what to do so he went to his office to think. When he was done, he went home and called a family meeting. At the meeting, Nkosiyabo told everyone that he knows that Khanyisile wants to go back home but he will not allow her to go because he wants to bond with his son.