why Sophia Ndaba’s ex husband Max Lichaba will no longer See more

Despite the glamour and trappings that come with her celebrity status, Sophie Ndaba has also survived some rather hard-hitting storms in her public and private life. Listening or reading her story, one would easily wonder from where she got the strength to resist and keep moving on. It probably has more to do with her life skills and the confidence she has in her abilities.




Born on July 15th, 1972 in Soweto, Sophy Ndaba rose to fame through her 20 year role as Queen Moroka in the popular soap opera known as Generations. She has also played a role in movies such as She is King and Gog Hellen. More to that, the actress also presided over Miss South Africa 2016 beauty pageant finals as one of the guest judges.

She was married to Themba Ndaba in 1998 and together the couple had two children Rudo and Lwandle. Unfortunately, their marriage was called off in 2007 after lasting for nine years.

Then at a later stage in 2017 she got married to Max Lichaba. A renowned South African businessman with a chain of thriving businesses. But he did not get to this point overnight or without blood, sweat, and tears. His story perfectly portrays how hard work can move you from rags to riches. But they both seperated after long allegations of abuse and cheating.