Muvhango’s Azwindini is left uneasy after knowing Rosemary is in Thathe

Rosemary and Mpho showed up in Thathe after they bafflingly disappeared from the substance of the earth, running from the police.

The two gave Mulimisi the most ridiculously unpleasant awe the past night when they seemed soaked from walking around a seriously significant time-frame in the storm.

Azwindini is in Johannesburg pushing his arrangement to cut Tenda down, but as of now it appears like he wants to get back. He sorts out that Rose is in Thathe from Kgosi, who has maintained her phone and followed her to the town.

The past night, the police went to address Vhutshilo about Rosemary, and the watchers of Muvhango were somewhat dumbfounded by the way that they understand that Zama was Rose’s sister and they were disguising it from Vhutshilo and his friends and family.

The storyline is puzzling in light of the fact that Zama could be a mole for Rosemary, especially since she has found her heading back to the famous house.

The cop believed that Vhutshilo will leave the room and asked with respect to whether she had conceded as of now.

She said no and a short time later sorted out some way to convince him, saying she didn’t have even the remotest clue how her sister had treated the Vha-Kwevho family before she got earnestly connected with the Sovereign.

The police know how dangerous Rose is, and she has held onto Gugu for the resulting time; why might they say they are not holding Zama as a suspect for conspire?




One more difficult to miss question is the explanation they are helping Zama with hiding such a key piece of information about her character.

The story is apparently a significant flaw, yet we will leave it there. Forging ahead toward Mulimisi, will he give Mpho and Rosemary over to the Royals or hide them?

As demonstrated by the secrets, Azwindini and his accomplices will return not entirely settled to find the two crooks. Review that Rosemary is a moved away from convict after she mishandled her bail conditions.

This week, things will make some waves in and out of town hard at the Mudau family. Tenda will stand up to the fierceness of the law; finally, that infers Ndiwa and kid Kenosi will be left with practically zero guardians.

Oxford took Vhafuwi’s money and took off as well. How long will Zama pull off deceiving her man about her real character? Moreover, will she similarly go to jail for defeating the completions of value since she intentionally kept fundamental information about her sister’s case?