Veteran Gomora actress Thembi Seete looks youthful as ever dressed in a stunning outfit

Thembi Seete ‘s journey to stardom is a very inspirational story that teaches a lot of about perseverance , patience , passion and focus .

Thembi has been in show business for more than a decade and she continues to be a force not to be reckoned with.

She is undoubtedly one of the best female thespians doing the most in the Telenovela landscape of South African televison.

Thembi began her career in show business as a lead singer for a very famous Kwaito and Afro pop group ‘Boom Shaka’ in early 90’s .

After the band broke up she went to pursue a solo musical career and she has a couple of albums under her belt.

Acting also comes as a second nature to it for she is an exceptional storyteller who is impeccable at the art of theatre.

Gifted with a beautiful face and petite shape , Thembi does seem to age in her early 40’s she still looks like she is still in her 20’s and that is one of the qualities she is adored for by fans her inability to age .



Her fashion sense is unquestionably immaculate , she knows how to dress for the occasion and this has opened up the industry for her to end up as fashion influencer , model , and brand endoser.

She makes killer fashion statements when she graces the red carpet or any other event and on set shooting a scene.

It’s safe to say that Thembi is a fashionista who has a sophisticated taste in fashion.

Thembi is well known for her role in the infamous ‘Rhythm City’ on alongside a stellar cast that included the late Jamie Bartlett.

Nowadays she is part of another stellar cast on Mzansi Magic , a hit drama series called ‘Gomora’ where she plays the character of ‘Gladys’.

Her impressive work ethic , hard-work , passion and dedication has solidified her spot in South African show business as a veteran .

She has a formidable following on social media especially Instagram, in her recent post looking as youthful as ever dressed in the latest fashion , Thembi made a stunning fashion statement .

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