#AndileMpisane|Things gone wrong on stage for the artist as he performed in Pretoria

#AndileMpisane|Things gone wrong on stage for the artist as he performed in PretoriaThe situation is starting to be tense for Andile Mpisane as people were not connecting to her when he was performing live on stage on Friday, where many of his fans think that the guy was not having a vibe during the night as he performing his songs.




Money cannot buy is what many people were talking about today we’re he didn’t impress people to be happy for him, while he was on the stage which is something that many people were worried about, and this time he has to work too hard when it comes to stage performance.

Mpisane shared the stage with a well-known artist in the country which is something that has been giving people lots of doubt, about why he didn’t use the experience that he got in the USA to entertain the people of Pretoria on Friday can understand they’re good he is.

His career is also confusing because he is involved in many things like sports, music, and entertainment, and maybe now it’s time for him to choose the right career path that people will recognize him with so that he won’t wriggle when he gets on stage.