Uzalo: Hleziphe is enjoying a revenge is doing to Nonka see why

Hleziphe is enjoying revenge because she showed Nonka video of her and Kwanda and telling Nonka that she needs her blessings,and remember Nonka told her the same thing after being in relationship with Kwanda,and realises that Hleziphe will never be happy about it,so Hleziphe is happy because her Muthi is working,even though Kwanda told her that it was mistake to sleep with her.

Nonka will start to realise that she made a mistake to be in love with Kwanda, because she knows that Hleziphe loved him so much even though Kwanda was not interested, Nonka was not supposed to give Kwanda an attention in the first place because she knows how Hleziphe feels.



Now they will fight because they both love him,and their friendship might End anytime soon, because of jealous and back stabbing each other.

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