AUDIO: Fans reacts to Skeem Sam hip pop song released by Eunice

Skeem’s Eunice Sam has been having a huge circle of her own moments which were lit for her experience. Life changes when you have money, and people will be surprised at the new things that will come to that person. It is something that you may not entirely be sure of when you are having the kind of million-dollar experiences Eunice was having.

She released a new song called “The Exceutive,” and people did not like the song. They were not surprised that she had released a song, but for the record, it was not a good one. All along, it was not seen and discovered that she was a hip pop artist. She has not spoken out about it, and the response is straightforward and requires no explanation.

It could be a moment where she continues or when she leaves the studio without holding the mic to record more music. At first, people are not good at something they have done, but when they have continued with it, it becomes a good effort. But then people will always be honest because they are the ones who will be spending their time on it.


It is not a harsh response that they hate her music. She is a good entertainer on the TV show, but when it came to music, it was not just what viewers were waiting from her. The comments she got as some of them are; “where can I download Eunice’s song? I have a lot of haters.” “If you don’t have money, don’t come near me. She is going to hide herself from everybody.”

It was a marvelous time in her life and people did see that she was going to blow all the money and be left with memories of being loaded with millions. They were right on that she will be broke and it is a reality of life that happens and people have told their stories of “I blew it.” With Eunice, it was more interesting as they got to see it from the beginning.