CONGRATULATIONS Pours In For KELLY KHUMALO As She Celebrates Her Album Going Gold

CONGRATULATIONS Pours In For KELLY KHUMALO As She Celebrates Her Album Going GoldReality star and singer Kelly Humalo dispelled all negative energy and lifted her gold and platinum plaque. This week, Khumalo received word from his record label, Universal Music Group, that his album The Voice of Africa (TVOA) had gone gold. Three songs from the album – Empini, Esiphambaweni feat. Hlengiwe Mhlaba and Ngathwalangaye – certified platinum.

At an exclusive media luncheon at Ukko Restaurant in Brianston on Thursday, Khumalo spoke about his latest acquisitions and preparations for his new album and concerts.

Dressed in a brown leather coat and dress with her hair tied back into a low ponytail, she looked comfortable with the media while filming the new season of Life with Kelly Humalo. She explained that this performance kept him stable and motivated to work even harder.




Humalo said he did not write any songs on the album but allowed the producers to guide him through their vision. The Asine singer said that the album cover was a spiritual journey that required her to cut her hair and dye her skin black. Winner Sama will be releasing a new album in August.

Khumalo said she would not compare her latest album with the one being prepared. “I am a woman of God. Everything I do will work out in the end. I do not compare. I just put myself out there and did my best job there. The same effort, if not more, and I believe the universe will return what is rightfully mine.”

The mother-of-two took to Twitter to discuss the latest trends regarding her son’s alleged eviction; She said, “First, I’m not going to glorify that with an answer because I believe in myself as a mother,” she continued, “I believe in myself as an individual and I believe in my choices. What they see and feel is theirs, theirs. don’t have to make it mine.