Remember Izulu Lami? See how the kids look 14 years later

More than a decade has passed since the world premiere of Izulu Lami (My Secret Sky), South Africa’s critically acclaimed and award-winning film. This work of art, directed by the legendary Madoda Ncayiyana, is one of the most impressive ever.










Thembi, played by Sobahle Mkhabase, Khwezi, played by Sibonelo Malinga, and Chilli-Bite, played by Tshepang Mohlomi, are the film’s three primary characters. The antagonist of the narrative was Chilli-Bite.

A ten-year-old girl, Thembi, and her eight-year-old brother Khwezi decide to quit their village in South Africa after being abused by their aunt following the death of their mother.

They’re looking for a white reverend to marry (he had visited their village and created a craft competition). To see if their mother’s ambition of entering the competition with a mat she made herself came true, they want to see him.

After a generous man in his truck gives them a lift to Durban, the two encounter difficulties.

The minute they set foot in the neighborhood, they are met by the gang of street youths lead by 12-year-old Chilli-Bite.

They believe Chilli-Bite when he claims to know where the priest lives. In the end, Chilli-Bite planned to sell Thembi to a human trafficker who thought she could cure him of HIV and AIDS, but she escaped and made her way to Khwezi..

“Chilli Bite uyinja, ngiyakuzonda,” which is Zulu for “You’re an animal Chilli Bite; I despise you,” is one of the movie’s most memorable lines when Thembi runs into him after she’s been sold to the trafficker by Chilli.

13 years later, these are the faces of the child actors:

1.Sibonelo Malinga (Khwezi)

When he was done with Izulu Lami, no one ever saw him again on TV. He has been admitted to practice law in South Africa’s Supreme Court.

2. Tshepang Mohlomi (Chilli-Bite)

At Ellen’s Age and Otelo Burning are among the other projects he’s worked on since his first appearance in the film Izulu Lami in 2011. (2010).

3.Sobahle Mkhabase (Thembi)

Katlego Justice Lebina is engaged to her long-distance boyfriend of whom we haven’t seen much on television.