Dj Lamiez loses her cool after the bullying that took place on social media

DJ Laimez is one of the celebs that understand what depression and cyberbullying means, because she has been mocked many times on social media by many people about her body and how she controls her husband Kuli Chana we’re they still have not had a child together.


She came across a person who was bullying a young child on social media and Lamiez didn’t waste any time by putting the person in his place, because they were taking advantage of a young child who was just making expressions about herself on social media about her looks that day


Thanks to Lamiez for standing for the young lady because this could have been a serious nightmare for her after being bullied.


Many artists have gone through this in the past month after the death of Ricky Rick and they have shared many memories about how they have been going through depression in the past.