Master KG Finally introduced Makhadzi to his mom as wife to be.

Master KG referred to Makhadzi as his “wife” on stage just a few weeks earlier. He has now brought the singer home to meet his mother.

Despite fans’ claims that he is trying to clout chasing on her name, the Jersulema hitmaker has fuelled allegations that he is genuine about his romance with the Limpopo star.

Master KG said he had taken his girlfriend to his family home in a photo uploaded on social media.

Makhadzi is introduced to his mother by Master KG.

Makhadzi is introduced to his mother by Master KG. Image courtesy of @masterkgsa on Instagram.
On social media, the music producer has even been seen suggesting a sizzling new romance with the singer.

Master KG’s recent announcement of him bringing her home to meet his mother has sparked rumors that a wedding could be on the horizon. A man brings his girlfriend home to introduce them as his future bride in several African cultures. Makhadzi will be hosting Master KG’s birthday celebrations later this month, according to Master KG.

“My birthday celebration kicking off at Propaganda on the 29th January sponsored by the Queen Makhadzi,” he wrote on Facebook.

“This year, we’re celebrating in style,” she said.

Is it possible that it’s a public relations stunt?

Despite their best efforts to persuade us that a romance, if not a wedding, is in the works, Master KG and Makhadzi have been accused of deceiving fans with a publicity gimmick.

In December, the duo released a single called Mosadi Wago Nrata, which means “the woman who loves me.”