Cassper Nyovest says he is worried about this day

Cassper Nyovest who is one of South Africa’ s successful musician, who made millions out of hip hop music. He have filled up stadiums and bought for himself a fleet of cars including McLaren. He have a lot to some people in need. He have been always grateful and very smart in his moves took to twiter and express his concern about this big day.

Don Billiato




I’m really worried about the excitement today. Guys please try and remember that things can go wrong. Let this not be your last day alive or healthy. Don’t drink and drive, if you gonna have sex, make sure it’s consensual sex and condomise. Let’s meet in the New Year rele monate!

Today, some one will die. And these are things people can avoid to make sure that they don’t find themselves in unnecessary confrontation and fights. Some one will fall pregnant, today, also. But it looks like some his fans took heed to his message. Someone said,

“for me Im home and not going anywhere, will entering the new year with a conscious and sober mind, it’s a choice.”