Happy birthday 🎂🎉 to Andile Gaelesiwe.



Avid watchers of UthandoNoxolo, have praised the show’s host Andile Gaelisiwe, for being a fearless and passionate host. In the latest episode of the show, it featured Ntokozo Mdogo, whose mother passed away in 2016.

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Ntokozo wrote to the show because he wanted to get assistance in getting his late mom’s possessions from his stepdad, whom he accused of witchcraft.

The show was very emotionally charged as Ntokozo detailed how his mother died and, alleged that before she died she informed him that if she passes on it will be because of his stepdad.

The man has been hogging his mom’s possessions and Ntokozo said his mom has been visiting him in his dreams, to inform him that he wants her possessions. Ntokozo and the Uthando Noxolo crew confronted the man, but it became a heated exchange, the man refused to give them the clothes, and they had to ask someone to assist them.

When they opened the room where the possessions were, eyebrows raised when they learned that he has been practicing some shocking traditional practices.

Andile confronted the man and many applauded her and said she is very strong because the man was defending himself and he looks very powerful.