There is never a dull moment on #TheQueenMzansi when Petronella is around

The Queen may be well into their fifth season, with several new additions to the existing stellar cast, but as far as fans on Twitter are concerned, the whole thing is held together by Malume Brutus and Ses’ Pat!

Mzanzi’s fave TV uncle, Brutus (played by Themba Ndaba) and Petronella (played by Thembsie Matu) are firm favourites on the popular telenovela and Wednesday night’s episode reminded viewers just why they adore the pair.

Brutus, who is always in his element when he’s next to his favourite mchana Shaka, did the things that made the viewers love him even more when he started giving his advice about girls. As always, it was bad advice but the way he said was a mood and tweeps were there for every minute of it.

Kinda like that time Brutus was hyping up Shaka after the break up with Mmabatho … remember?
Meanwhile, Petronella has been serving the viewers with gem after gem as she puts the Sebata daughters in their places. Just the other day, she had to remind them to pick up after themselves because while she may be employed by their father, she’s a house executive not their maid.

She’s such a mood and there’s just no denying her talent.

Petronella and Mjekejeke