Happy birthday 🎂🎉 to hip hop artist, producer and fashion icon Riky Rick.

As the country comes to grips with the increase in coronavirus cases in Mzansi, social distancing and now a 21-day lockdown, rapper Riky Rick said that something good will come of this difficult time.ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏شخص واحد‏، ‏‏‏جلوس‏ و‏منظر داخلي‏‏‏‏Riky Rick. Picture: Instagram

As most of the country is social distancing in an attempt to curb the spread of the virus, Riky thinks people needed to use this time to organise their lives and re-evaluate their lifestyles. The “Boss Zonke” hitmaker said on Twitter, “This will most probably be the most difficult year for most of us, but something tells meربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏شخص واحد‏، ‏‏وقوف‏‏‏ goods things will come if we use these times to organise our lives and re-evaluate our lifestyles. Financially and spiritually … a lot of work to do.”ربما تحتوي الصورة على: ‏‏‏شخص أو أكثر‏ و‏أحذية‏‏‏