Happy 24th birthday to Expresso Morning Host Kuhle Adams.🎊🎉🎁🎂❤.

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Kuhle AdamsHappy 24th birthday to Expresso Morning Host Kuhle Adams…All the best to her🎊🎉🎁🎂❤.

Kuhle Adams (24) has always dreamed of being a TV presenter. She did work as a Youtuber and as a production assistant but ultimately her goal was to be in front of a TV camera.

Raised in Port Elizabeth by her mother and her big immediate family, Kuhle graduated from the University of Cape Town with Bachelor of Social Science.

Kuhle entered Presenter Search on 3 as she saw it an opportunity to catapult her career to new heights. Kuhle was a crowd favourite from the beginning of her Presenter Search on 3 journey and earned her place in the Top 10 as the Viewers’ Choice Finalist. She describes being in the Top 10 as, “A second coming of sorts, because I knew that I had to work harder than everyone else who was already chosen to be in the Top 10, but overall I was excited knowing that the viewers themselves voted me in.”

Kuhle’s authenticity, professionalism, vibrancy and ease in front of the camera was a winning combination and on the 30th October 2019 she was crowned as the winner of Presenter Search on 3 and joined the Expresso family. “I’ve been warned about the hard work that is ahead, about the early mornings and the late nights… but I’m SO ready,” says Kuhle, who relocate from Johannesburg to Cape Town for her dream job!

Expresso Presenter Kuhle Adams