Top 70 Ankara Skirts And Blouses Styles

Hi ladies, See this amazing pictures of latest skirt and blouse outfit styles from our Nigerian Fashionistas using Lace & Ankara Designs and we like them.Whether you are fat slim, tall, short or average sized, Ankara dress has no limit as to who it fits or looks nice on. More so, they are suitable for all outings, be it wedding ceremony, birthday, get together or just a hang out with friends. Every woman who wants to look sexy, cute and gorgeous should just get a nice Ankara skirt and blouse giving consideration to which style is best for her body structure, posture or shape.

Looking good actually starts from when you are choosing your fabric. In deciding which Ankara fabric to use, you should look for the one which has a pattern that will blend with the intended style. Also, you should go for a color which will complement the color of your skin.