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Stylish shweshwe design ….. 2018

we’ve got all the trending shweshwe designs. Its about the end of the year and what comes with it is new appearance trend. When it comes to shweshwe fashion, Nigerian and African designers are so artistic and they accomplish admirable shweshwe aggressive dresses and apparel with ease. The affair with shweshwe fashionistas is that, best bodies don’t apperceive area to get new designs that isn’t common.

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Seshoeshoe Dresses Design & Ideas 2018

become a popular seshoeshoe’ as it is also known, has been an iconic part of South African culture and fashion choice for traditional wedding dresses, merging African and European culture!and uniquely south african element we re celebrating shweshwe which i love you guys this year outfite shweshwe weddingHow to create an elegant shweshwe wedding by piteira photography outfite wedding dresses trends this season and where to add this colourful fabric into your life.Have you heard of Shweshwe fabric? It is featured in a project in this Mar/Apr issue of Love of Quilting! Check out what’s special about this fabric with a rich history, as well as why Shweshwe has a positive social impact on impoverished communities in South Africa

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Unique Nail Design Ideas 2018

nail art have become extremely popular these days, especially the metallic gold stripes. Depending on the design, the stripes can be vertical, horizontal, or in chevron stripes. The youth in particular are crazy over these metallic nails, the reason being they are great for night parties and activities as these nails give you an outgoing or flashy appearance.

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bathroom wall and floor tiles design 2017 2018

Marbles today come in a large number of varieties and designs. Herringbone flooring is a beautiful bathroom tile flooring option that is just as great as the wooden flooring. Bathroom Tile designs look gorgeous and appealing to the eye and is actually made purely out of marble.

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Stylish Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 2017 2018

Marble tile flooring is a great option when it comes to bathroom tiles design. It gives a traditional look to the bathroom which is kind of great. Ceramic tiles suit perfectly for the bathroom countertops. Porcelain and glass tiles also add a stunning touch to the bathroom.Going for such designs in marble looks stylish and adds a vibrant touch to the bathroom. Black tiles in a bathroom look completely classy and can add a touch of offbeat elegance to the bathroom. Creating a focal walled tile for the shower area is also a great idea. Mixing small subway tiles near the shower area gives fresh vibes in the bathroom.

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